Sunday, December 10, 2006

SEMESTER 2, 2006/07

New semester has begun on 4th of Dec 2006. I came back from JB on 3rd, with less desire to start a new semester. Why ek? Dunno la…Enjoy kot dok umah lepak jek. Furthermore, UIA’s semester vacation was only about 2 weeks! Other univ 1 month woo…Tak aci seyh! Drop.
So, new semester. New resolution konon..Hehe..Ok, wat’s new about dis semester is, I turn to be a second year student. Alhamdulillah…In UIA, we do degree for 4 years so second year baru la start streaming specifically in our course.
I study generally in Economics for da 1st year, so apecifically, I decide to major in Accounting. Why Accounting? Not Business or Economics? Of course la bcoz I wanna be an Accountant. Business Admin is my second choice, but Economic is not listed! Hell reading those puzzled worldwide economic condition complicated graph. So agonizing!
Alhamdulillah, my application is approved.
For those who are reading this post, do pray for my success kay? I don’t know how my future will be like..But I’m striving hard to deserve myself a good position, good life as everybody also wants. Salz, Future Accountant. However, “Man Proposes, God Disposes.” Anything that happens in our life is not guaranteed to be like what we’ve planned. I’ve experienced this many times in my life. But I alwaz believe that, for every single thing destined to us, there is always a Hikmah behind it. Then it makes me feel betta.
Till then, thanks for dropping by. Again, don’t forget to pray for me yah… At least, an AMIN from you is enough and it’s so precious. Thank You and Bye. *SUPERNOVAsmiling*

Saturday, December 9, 2006


Everyday, we spin around our mind, thinking of what shud be worn on dat day. I’m not only talking boud women, but men as well..rite? We guess of people’s impression boud our dressing, the suitability wif da occasion, and how attractive will it be looked. Nah, here is the best dressing advice for you…Only a simple phrase..
You should wear "
E.." Yes it’s so true.. CONFIDENCE shines through and is what makes a woman irresistibly attractive. So, be confident in dressing yourself then you’ll look as you are. Be yourself. HOWEVER, confident iz confident..But don’t be until dat so vainglorious and stuck-up yahhh…So not good!
p/s : another thing, whatever that can bring back a SMILE on your face, then it’s worth to pay for it.. [I got diz from someone.. u know who u r..thankz!! =) ]

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