Monday, February 15, 2010

Beauty is Pain

Is it? It’s a saying. So yes, the answer is yes. Especially when ppl relate this with all the surgeries or any medical procedures that folks are willing to endure solely for the purpose of beauty enhancement. Plastic surgery, liposuction, face lift, breast implant, botox, so on and so forth.
They bear to suffer the pain of undergoing it during or after the procedures. Sometimes, the pain or allergies that it develops are irreversible. But still, having to know all these side-effects, those kinds of artificial extensions are still in demand, high demand.

Beauty is pain. Physically painful. And monetarily painful as well. But ppl still would wanna do it. That is called sacrifice. As for myself, I also have undergone several emm…not to say surgeries la…a bit more simpler situations which I can also classify those as beauty-is-pain episodes. Those are :

Braces : Haha…Ugly Betty! Yeah, I used to fix in dental braces when I was in school. Still remember it was from June ‘01 until July ‘02. About 1 year and 1 month la..and after taking it out, I gotta wear retainers until my matrics time. The condition to use braces was I had to take out 4 of my gerahams so that it can align the other teeth by taking its spaces. Beauty is pain..sakit tau kne cabut gigi! drh sume.. Beauty is pain..Braces are ‘besi’ for the whole year using it, asyik dpt ulcer ajek! Beauty is pain..Using braces was somehow embarrassing. Nowadays braces are common. Back in early 2K’s, I guess not so many students wearing it in school..So it’s kinda weird when looking at someone having those shining devices when smiling. Oh yeah I still remember my friends used to call me ‘Shining’..'Salz Shining'..haha.. Anyhow, it was almost 10 years ago. Think I smile confidently since then…hehe..How was my previous teeth? Lalala… ;D.. Oh yeah..Beauty is pain..Monetarily painful. The cost for the orthodontics was RM5k..see..Beauty is pain.

Eyelid Surgery : It’s a minor operation I underwent in July’09. U know sometimes when our eyes got infected and there will be lumps swelling in our eyelids? Sadly, I had it so frequently during my college time! Warghh…tension! Until the point that my friends made me as a trademark of ketumbit! salz ketumbit katenyer..ciss..yelah, mane tak nyer..every few months, I must get one staying there. More embarrassingly, ppl always associate having lumps for the reasons of mengintai org! Oh no… There was one time, a final exam period in my second year, I had one so badly, very2 big one, bleeding n aching. Final exam! What to do? Just go..xnak I went in the exam hall with sunglasses! Hahah.. Worse, maybe because it happened for quite many times, the lumps became accumulated in my eyelids and it stayed there even though there’s no more pain. Arghh…jadi permanent lump la pulak! So I went to see specialist about it and he recommended a surgery to take it out. See..x penah2 msk hospital just bcoz of this, I have an inpatient history. But it’s is pain. It’s at the face so I don’t wanna bring it everywhere seeing ppl, guys especially..hahah! Even though I’m actually a kinda person who’s afraid of anything that could jeopardize the eyes. For example, wearing contact-lenses. I never tried it and will never do. Think it’s so scary to point in something in the fragile organ. Takut ah…And one more, wearing eyeliner..haa.. I draw eye liner everyday but everytime I do it, I freak out. Tkt pencil tu tercucuk trs. Well, beauty is pain. N Alhamdulillah, after the surgery, there’s no more lumps..yet! Hehe..kire okla..more than half a year already..klu dlu, every two three months mesti ade ketumbit! Nk gi dating pon ssh… is pain, but the pain is worth it ;)

Facial Treatment : Some ppl do facial treatment regularly. I don’t. Malas n I don’t like..But pernah la pegi ikut mama skali due..u know how they do it? They dig the blackheads and acnes holes and take out amende tah which was soooo painful for me to bear bcoz it’s the face skin ok! N after dh settle tu, the face jd trk sket n then after a few days br ok n clean. Huhh…beauty is pain. But for this one..xrela!

Waxing : No futher explanation. Waxing does hurt. But then again, beauty is pain.

Rebonding : Emmm…not painful la but you gotta sit for at least 3 hours..boring. Boring is painful. Beauty is pain.

New Shoes Irritation : All ladies must have come across a situation when u buy new shoes n got irritation when wearing it for the first time. Then, how is it related to beauty is pain? Haha..Of course its bcoz you bear to get scraped off for the sake of looking nice with the shoes. This usually happens for high heels. Beauty is pain I repeat. I know a tips and I guess many girls also know this : ‘Bite the new shoes you buy so that they don’t bite u later on..’ oyeh? Yes! I practice this everytime buying new shoes. Funny but it works!

Okays, that’s all…beauty is pain. It is. But for wrapping up, let’s think of this one contradicting quote : “Beauty is only skin deep” – outward appearance is less important than hidden or inner qualities.. Em, BEAUTY IS PAIN??

4 comments on "Beauty is Pain"

aimisyahirah on Monday, February 15, 2010 said...

ohoho ptut ar da rjin blogging skrg ye kak haha bagos2.. layout cntik mmg sgt kau lah kan.

btw, cane ko gigit kasut ko tuh? blah dpn ke? blkg ke? tepi ke? ke kt heels die? heheh

SALZvatore on Monday, February 15, 2010 said...

kt mane2 part yg ko rase ade potential utk melecet la..kdg kt dpn..kdg kt blkg. try jgn x try!

SALZvatore on Monday, February 15, 2010 said...

ha ah cntk kan layout aku kan kan?? true blogger beb..hahah weks..

bluerose1211 on Thursday, February 18, 2010 said...

aku salu soh nini yg kene tuan die jgk gigit

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