Thursday, April 1, 2010

April yeay April!

Heyyyyyyyyy………It’s April of the year beybeh!!! Wow…I seem so excited~ okay, this post, we’ll talk about APRIL.

First and foremost…Birthdays in April…
Everyone’s most special day in a year is the birthday, let’s make a birthdays tribute because I have sooo many ppl in my life with birthdays in April..

Siblings : There are four cuties in my family borne in April what a wow! Hehe..First, myself 27th April, younger bro Jan 26th April, youngerer bro Adik 21st April, and youngest bro Johan 16th April. Wowwy =D …Ops, another wow! Me, Jan and Adik are 3 years in a row okay! HAHAHA…Planning oh planning =p.. So Johan will turn 13 this year, Adiks turning 22, Jans turning 23 and ME! Turning TWENTY-FOURRRR my goodness!! Huh I am damn adult, man! Chup, gi tgk cermin jap…Haha klaka jek.. 24 oh 24…Alhamdulillahhh…panjang umurku! InsyaAllah laa kan..i’m writing this on the 1st April. 1st to 27th nnt…insyaAllah smpi..ameen.. So, happy birthday dear siblings….be good kids to Mama & Abah okay? Pray for them all the times.. =) Readers, this was the pic taken at Johan's 10th birthday party at home, back in the year 2007 =)

Schoolmates : Wawa 14th April, Taqqy 9th April..Emm tu je kot?? Huhu..Happy Ol’days!!

Rockchickas : Owh..of those 13, 5 of us are Aprilian laa..tolak myself, Kahud 3rd April, Dina 5th April, Maya 16th April (same ngn johan), and Nini 26th April (a day before mine). Haaa….tua2 dah korang sume..bak kate org da bley kawin couples, go plan for the ‘day’ k..and singles, go catch boyfriends! ;D

Speaking of rockchicks’ birthdays, one of our traditions in college b4, we will make a surprised party for the birthday gals..not dat big2 celebration laa..juz a simple get-together, buy a cake and hit the turning-older buddies. But the funniest part was when the surprise x menjadi! Hahha..We would endup laughing and blaming the person yg terkantoi kan tu hahaha..Amongst us, we call Shekin as the queen-of-surprises bcoz she rocks with ideas! Jom wat camtu la wat camnie laa..And Lia, the most anti-klimaks one koz klu die plan, mst spoil! Haha…(sorry makcik! Mmg xkan lupe! =D)..but the boring thing was, for those with birthdays in April, sggh la malang..bkoz early till mid of Aprils, were the final exam period. so sume mcm zombie study..xleh kacau! while mid until end of Aprils, were the short-semester period where not-so-many-bodies around. Nk clbrate pon xrmi so x rock! Including me lah yg malang tu…hukhukhuk..

Haa let me share with ya dis pics, it was pya’s birthday cake..da boring with typical round or square half-kgs tu, we bought mouse cup cakes byk2 n buat die mcm mengerumun the only cake tu…sorg mkn satu..hehe cute kan? Shekin pnye keje la nie! ;) Look at the 2nd pic, when preparing it, atas iron bod pon jd lah! =p

Hey…I share the same birthday month with my boyfriend okay! Bestnyerr..Exactly 2 weeks after his…me 27th, so him 13th April turning 26 this year..Happy Birthday Love, I always pray for you, for your future, and for our future! :) ..Dating for this month : 17th April, Malacca =) Cant’ wait!

Cinta….Every 13th of every month is just sweeter than
the other 13th’s..because 13th was the declaration date of me and April’s 13th must be much sweeter because of his birthday and our relationship turns half a year! Wah..mcm lame jek…actly, six months! =D Still remember it was at KLIA, him sending me off to JB after my convo fever…what a beautiful moment! ;p Owh yea…we also exchanged fon numbers in April last it’s about a year already since we started getting in-touch. Haha..emm now…I can feel the love is getting stronger..loving more and more…thanks for the blessings :) …

April is the shopping month! Haha..not really..just that, I got the birthday voucher from Padini, 30% less for normal april, shopping at padini+pdi+seed+vincci dan yg swaktu dgn nyer ;) I MUST grab a new handbag, a pair of pumps maybe, and some clothes kot..budget pls!

April what else april? Haaaa….br ingt..April last year, I graduated! Yeah..bcoz the final xm + result were in April so yeahh…it’s been a year, man..what am I now? Huhu..working…wekkk…being a working person is just a lame thing in me. That’s why I never talked about my career in this blog, notice? Huhu..let it be..smoge rezki ttp ade. Ameen..

April yeay April means good th
ings about April ..but there’s one uneasy thing about this April. Johor was supposed to have a Public Holiday on the 8th of April due to the birthday of Sultan Johor..however, according to his passing away last Jan (if you heard we’re mourning in white for a week), the PH is now shifted to the current Sultan’s birthday so the new PH replacing the 8th will be in Nov this year onwards. Huhuu…lamenyer nk tgguuu..So there’s no PH in April! =( But it’s ok, the new PH is about near to Raye Haji this year. So it’s an advantage after all ;)

Hmmmm……I have another story to share about April, last year. It was April 14th, afternoon..i received an sms from a friend of mine..telling me her dad suddenly passed out at home and she was in hospital after running him to ward. Sms-ing me asking to pray so that her dad would be ok and nothing bad was to happen..i was far as I knew her dad didn’t suffer any severe illness..suddenly passed out? Hmm…maybe a normal faint and he would wake up and recover. But still, in my heart, the way she sms-ed was quite worrying..she seemed so worried..i could feel the situation was dull and sober.. then I hit myself, ‘don’t think too much. everything is ok’ ….
Less than an hour afterwards…..I received another sms..from her..and I was….. “WHUD?” Innalillahiwainnailaihiraaji’un………………….. it’s a sudden death. it's just like that. even the moment he fell down at home, nobody expected he would go in a few hours later..go forever…and he died due to the heart failure..if im not mistaken. And it became the most dreadful memory in her friend.

I didn’t really know her dad..we never met before but maybe she did talk about me to him so there was one time, she was injured, leg bandaged and had to go to class with walking sticks, had to go on checkups at i somehow played my role as a friend and that wasn’t a big deal, of course..(not dat saying im good ok bcoz its normal). But u know what, her dad called me thanking me for doing all those things to his daughter, apologizing for making it all a trouble to me. Hahah..i was like..dunno what to juz ‘nevermind nevermind small matter pakcik hehe’….

Hmmmm….his appreciation was big to me. that was just enough to keep him in my mind, in my prayer.. It’s been a year now..may he rest in peaceameen…and may his loved ones, keep being strong without him…

Still about April..Oh yea important..April 15th ..due date to register for my ACCA’s next papers..exams two months ahead and I’m planning to sit for two papers. But hey, I haven’t studied anything man…camne niee..still juggling whether am gonna take 1 or 2 papers at one go. Some ppl say, just take one paper so u can concentrate. Some ppl say, do take more than one because if you take one and fail that only one, your whole term wud be a total waste. So? What if you take two and flunk both?? A double total waste la?? Haha.. emm..tgk laa..still not decided. Last paper pon pass ckp2 mkn jek..rezki kot.. this time, dunno..always hoping for the best..

Lalalaaa….Happy April! So those are all about my April.. What about your April? Anything special in your April? Sdp plak sbt byk2 kali April..hehe Oklah, sekian April..Yours truly, Salzy April =p

2 comments on "April yeay April!"

bluerose1211 on Thursday, April 01, 2010 said...

salz..byk tol bnde yg berlaku bln april ni ye..bday tu yg xtahan...berderet plak kwn2 kite..n lia.. already a year eh..cpt tol mase berlalu..huu..

nk shoping jgk..waaaa bpk bes..

hope dis april brings me a job! ok, the things i craving for now is only job!! huhu.. cane nk g road trip xde job.. duet xde ar namenye

p/s: sal, celebrate bday eddy tu, ingat aku gak.. 13 april ni mine is 8months..yabedabedu..hehe

eddyerman on Thursday, April 01, 2010 said...

hurm..kene tambah sorang lagi nih...15 April ni :)
even syg tak penah jumpe...

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