Friday, May 1, 2009

Senorita Salz has now Unofficially Graduated! =D

Hi friends, seen the title above? Yeah, finally…I am soo thankful to God that finally this time has come. Alhamdulillah… I’m done with my studies to get my first degree…Happy nyerrr… =D

Now, I’m moving on to the next stage of my life. WORKING. Did you read my post “Senorita is now a Senior”? I did mention in that post that one of the things I was worrying about graduating was – not getting a job or job that I want. Thank God..the anxiety has faded away as things were going as how I planned. Alhamdulillah…I got a job already. The job that I wanted and I got it even before I sit for my final exam. Thank God Thank God..

Last couple of days, the final exams result was released. Syukur I passed all the subjects and this has qualified me to be entitled as “Unofficially Graduated”. Yeah, it is not official yet bcoz I haven’t done the clearance and plus blom convo lg (ckp psl convo x sbr la plaks! =p).

Yesterday, I went to KL to meet my friends in UIA. They all are now doing their Practical Training for 3 months since the mid of April. I’ve done mine last year. Oh yea.. I didn’t update this blog last year so I didn’t tell you about it..Ouh what a shame..There were so many things to talk about Practical Training experience but because of my laziness, I missed to post about it. Fine, cite da lapok pon.

After checking the result and found out that I passed all subjects, I was so excited and trs decide nak gi KL jmp my friends. Yelaa..ddk umah for 3 weeks boring gilerrrrrr….And thinking that I’ll start working next week and didn’t know when else the time to go and lepak with them, baik I grab the opportunity. So I went out from home at 800 am on the 29th of April and returned at 800pm the next day. Nak kuar lame2 nnt mama mrh.. =(. It was so like mcm “Lari dr rumah” jek hikhik. Disebabkan my friends sume tgh practical, we only met in the evening after everybody took-off. We went for dinner at Jusco Setiawangsa AU2, mkn at Noodle Station (tak sedap!). Then kiteorg pegi smbg lepak kt Malis because I wanna pekena the Charkoteow!! Throughout my years in UIA, this was the place we love to hang out and chitchat and gossip. It’s just a simple cikai stall at Jln Malinja but we loveee it and I’m gonna missssss it! After that kteorg blk UIA and I squatted in my room (former room). Sempat lg smbg story2 ngn pya smpi kol 2 kot. The next day when everybody’s going out for work I pon chiowww blk JB. Hahhh….cam klaka jek. Dtg all the way (5-hour trip) just to meet and hang out. But that’s so precious to me. Friends are precious. I really thank them for spending time together even though I know everybody was so tired keje the whole day kan. Dieorg mmg rock!

Now I am home. Preparing myself physically and mentally for work! Huiihhh I'm gonna be a working person after this. Good luck for myself! Huhu..Ha, I’ll talk about my job in the next-next post okay; the company I’ll be working for, what my position is and some more about it lah..See ya~~ *SENORITAsmiling*

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