Sunday, March 28, 2010

Driving Unpleasure

Its Saturday so I was planning for a movie!
The Lovely Bones, 2:20pm, Cineplex City Square, JB.
Side-kick : Ojul.
Distance Home-CS : Approximately, 20 minutes.
Tickets booked, so relax laa..Suddenly, the side-kick called to pick up at problemo..larkin jek.
2:00pm, still at home. Nk grk la niee..
Mama babbling : Lmbtnyerr..mane smpt nk amek kawan sume..potpetpotpetpotpetpotpet
Me : Ala relax laa nk pecut la nie..bye2 mama! (eksennn…)

5 minutes later…
Mamaaaa….tayar pecah!! Tlanggar divider kt traffic light tuu…….huuuu
Ha ha haaaaaa……so that was my Saturday! Cancelled the movie, waited for the foreman, changed tyre, went back home and continued facebooking. Plus = mama nagging kuase 2. Haihhhh… =p

Let me tell ya, I obtained my driving license in early 2004. So now, its been 6 years holding it with no Ps no more. But my true driving experience, I can say...4 years of Proton Wira Sedan. The first 2 years, the license was just an ornament in my purse. Coz I was in matric, I got no car and I gained NO TRUST from my parents to let me drive by my own. Never can I say.

But, in the first year of college, my dad granted me a car..from there I started driving regularly. By time, driving becomes a normal doing to me..BUT, of course I need to highlight that I can only drive auto-car. Manual, kem slm.. =D

However…..been 4 years daily driving, I admit that my driving skill is still not good. My family members, jgn ckp la..been complaining the way I drv is dangerous. laju and dangerous, x laju but dangerous. Dunno la..sometimes I feel the way I drv ok jekk..sometimes, I myself feel that its so bad. but, for what has happened as I told ya above, you can tell me how my driving skill actually is. *sigh*

So it’s the latest car accident ive been. Small car accident, coz it just involved the tyre. But that was not the first time. In 2007, I also had a car accident. Nie hasil nyer :

It was early morning, alone, a sharp corner with high speed. Realizing its too fast so I suddenly brakedddddddd………then the car lost control! Steering turning left n right by its own and I started to get panicked. When it almost hit the left divider I turned the steering to the right. I turned it just a little but it went off hitting the right divider and that’s it!
Serious mcm bwk daytona. It affected only the body and side lamp so I still could drv it home (college). Huhuuu…. Called up my parents, crying and bla bla blaa..end up, three weeks without a ride! Huhuuu..sedey btol! Worst, it happened a day after my 21st birthday ok! What a gift! =(

Another one, was driving home from work. Traffic jammm….and I wanted to shift lane and suddenly (always suddenly) theres a pakcik riding beside of my car and I hitted him! Almosttttttt to fall down but he managed to control la..then I stopped the car, apologizing.. "sorry sorry pakcik xsngaje x nmpk pakcik kt sbkh td blab la bla bla”..bsungguh tau. Then die x jd nk mrh…die geleng kpale then “hmm xpelah”..
I went home feeling so bad. just imagine if he fell off the ground yet got another car hitting him from the back..Nauzubillah! too bad until I imagined him in the ICU and I got sued by his family members ker…uwaaa… hukhukhuk. After all, that’s not what happened so Thank God.
Those are among the driving-incidents that have ever happened to me. Got some more actually but not so significant maybe..hmm..See, my driving quality is so bad. I admit. Worse when I’m driving alone. If there’s passenger, kene control la sket kan. Hmmmm…..if this is the case! Think I need to have a driver laaa…hehehe..well, tggula one day, I’ll get one for my 5 series. ;p

In spite of every car accident I have met with, I still thank God as those were all not fatal and not even affected my physical condition. I should + must be more careful next time. Always being careful actually, but if mende da nk jd..nk wat camne? (common answer to my parents..huhu)

So ppl, I believe at these ages, most of you are also drivers right. Or if not, having plans to have driving license. The roads are the place where the most sudden calamities happened and most of them are horrible. The foremost way to keep ourselves in a safe journey, is the prayer definitely. Memorize, practice! Here is it :


Ok readers, conclusion, Berhati-hati di jalan raya..Ingatlah orang yang tersayang.. =) ---> a simple reminding phrase but really touched the heart and somehow, effective. Because its not only about you. But your loved ones. Good ads, thumbs up. Bye2.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long Distance Relationship Kills

The label for this post is love..again. Haha..pls don’t mind. I’m currently missing my darl so badly. Long Distance Relationship really kills! =( I hate this part…Where only the handphones that could get us connected.. Ah, doesn’t work! Still missing…

U know, I’m a Johorean..and meant to be in love with someone from Perak, staying in Gombak for studies. Basically, JB-KL will take like 4-5 hours driving trip. Obviously, we can’t really meet up so frequently..Like other couples dating after the working hours..having dinners together few times a week. Movies during the weekends and etc..

Some ppl say, you don’t get to do it all b4 getting married. It will make you feel boring seeing your partner always. Yeah being in a long distance relationship is somehow good. But this is not what I want! Bcoz I'm typical..And I just wanna do all the norms..

Last time, I was single up until my graduation. Coming back to JB, for good, what I expected was..I’d be meeting someone from Johor. Or JB in particular. And that’s what I’d prefer in the first place bcoz I anti long distance relationship! Then what happened? Oh it’s the destiny! Well I accepted it. I have thought about this already b4 we decided to be more serious. I’m willing to face it.

But at this point of time, it kills me! He always says, ‘I miss badly..but knowing that ur also missing me too, then missing u becomes a pleasure to me..’ (translated ahaks) emm..yeahh… that will make me feel better..Hopefully you’re also missing me like I am, darling! Madlyyyy =p

Actually, I was exaggerating. This kind of long distance relationship doesn’t really kill as it sounds. At least, we don’t really fight a lot. We keep in touch every day. I put my trust on him and I take care of myself here. At least, our distance is only 200 miles away. We still can reach each other every month. So long distance relationship isn’t that bad.

Hahah.. I’m obviously
trying to make myself comfortable by adjusting my own thoughts. =p That’s all I can do..okay ppl, stop reading me being lame.. I’ll see ya in the next more interesting posts. Have a good day! *senoritaSMILING*

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Poll


For those who visited the page for the last two weeks must have seen the poll I posted for you to vote. Just browsing the blogger gadgets so decided to choose dat one, asking readers about what they would wanna read bout in here. Bcoz blogging, I actly dunno what dis kunang-kunang’s essentials. Some ppl focus on their interest like in business, so they’ll talk about business, photography so they’ll post lotsa pics selling their creativity. Some ppl are religious so they take blogging as an opportunity to convey religious thoughts like tazkirah like that..dpt pahale kan sharing :)..and there’s one blog I casually visited, this gal blogged on her wedding preparation! She named it as her wedding journal, started writing it from da day she got engaged till the day she tied the knot. All about her wedding plan. Best jgk kan? Idea nih! Ahaks =p .

While mine, look at the caption, well, it’s just all about idea..wanna talk about my interest, my interests not interesting. Wanna talk about world issues, not that knowledgable la pulek..Ah actly rmi jek yg blogging for nothing kan..same goes to me lah. X dpt duit pon blogging but it’s the satisfaction maybe..everybody owns a blog, I also wanna own a blog laa~~ hehe..

So then I posted the poll for two weeks n now its closed already..thats the result and it came out from a total of SIX votes jela??? C’mon la My KUNANG-KUNANG got only 6 readers jek..heishh…gulung tikar lah camnie..hehe…fine, I still take everythg into account so mostly wanna read about LOVE~ ahaks! Okay, so I’ll publish more posts on Love after this. Smpi la korg tmuntah nk bace..hikhikhik..

Emm…if it’s about love, the definition can be so broad rite. Of course when ur writing u’ll talk about what you love to talk about, it is love, still. But looking at my posts on love in the archives, they automatically focus on that one particular loveee…hikhik..ah sng ckp, my boyfriend lah! Hak2… yeah, the love life between the two hearts that are truly madly deeply into each other~~dancing in its own world like there’s nobody is breathing but them~. HAHA wargh jiwangs! Over tau! Enough2..dnt band this blog yet! The subject was about the poll ok! So yeah, (back to normal tone) if it’s about love, I’ll share what I generally think of a love relationship..generally ok.. ;p

Oh yea, the first runner up goes to the labels on : spiritual? Salz talking about spiritual…sapela yg vote nih..saje jek kan hehe..nway, can la can la..why not rite? There are times in our life, even tho we are a happy-go-lucky person, there must be some check-points that will force us to be somehow more serious, to just sit and think. So that is the time when our discussion will be kinda spiritual..huhu agree? Or im just talking nonsense.. hahah whateva.

Oraite done..i’ll remove the poll and will post another new one. I think I wanna ask you onnnn….later I’ll think about it lah..cmonla rock readers! Vote laaa beb..jgn malu2 =p

Okey till then posting this at 11 now..guess its time to sleep already..tomorrows working! =(

Nitey rockies.. *SalzySmiling*

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sharing About The Past?

First love, second love, third love..

There’s a quote : First love, is the everlasting one. Eventhough it doesn’t literally ever last, but it does stay in your mind forever. Doesn’t it? (I’m asking doesn’t mean I’m agreeing..~)

Everything starts with the firsts. But the firsts do not always last..that’s why we’ll have the second and the third. Definitely beybeh! Haha..

Emm…okay, let’s put it this way.. what I’m gonna talk in this post is…about sharing the past-failed-love relationship histories with your current other half, that might be.. your last one. So what’s your opinion ppl? Do you really think it’s fine for us to be open with our bf/gf talking about the loves that came before you met him/her? Is that necessary?

The fact that, when we are head-over-heels into that someone, we craveee to know anything and everything and every single thing about the special someone. His backgrounds, his families, his friends, his stuffs, his activities, his whateva! Including, his Because we came filling the empty spaces in the heart which previously owned by..someone else. The heart which we were not destined to be the first one to conquer. Nah, admit it. The curiosity is apparent. Everyone craves to know about it. You crave to know about it. Me? C’mon…trust me, I DON’T.

“Salz, you’re denying.” “No, it’s not a denial”

So ok, let me share with you all my opinions. Honestly, before the current one, I’ve gone thru phases of loves..meeting a guy, being in love, quarrelling, loving, jealousy, missing, caring etc…Until the phase that there’s no solution anymore, breakups took its charge. Being single…frustrations, loneliness, freedom. Going with the flow, we wished to forget the dreadful memories but c’mon, it’s not that easy isn’t it? Then we tend to talk about it from time to time, once in a while. We do that with our buddies..meaning, girls buddies.. but then, what about until the part that we’ve met a new ‘someone’? Are we still gonna talk about it anymore, with him?

It’s like, “sharing-everything-yet-no-secrecy-between-us” promises? No, no…that’s not my style. We’ve heard this : Let bygone be bygone. So? Let it go! Like me and my darl, our relationship is still so new.. It’s been a long time since the first time we met (refer to the love story post =p) but we were not fated to be together back then. Him with his things, me with my own life. Only after a few years, the time came. And up until now, I can say it’s one of the most precious things that has ever happened in my life…Fine, I know it’s still early for me to say that..Don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future..But the thing is, I appreciate every single moment being with him..Yes, appreciate what you have now. Why should we turn back remembering the past, where your ‘now’ is creating its memories? Hold on to it..Pay attention to it..

InsyaAllah, we'll have a few years more on the way to the ‘big day’..Meanwhile, it’s the time for us to get to know each other..yet, knowing your partner is never-ending I must why waste time talking about the dark past? Guess it's none of either party’s business and no good for the relationship if it's thrown out when the relationship is too immature for us to be able to put it in proper perspective and determine if we can handle the details or not…Easy that is, keep it silent then maybe we can forget about it someday? Too good to be true..hahah.. Still, hopefully so.

And the same goes to him.. Guess he went thru tough times before..Being broken-hearted..Dunno the details..So juz let it be. I also have my typical-lady-emotion to control..So be selfish this time. It’s for the sake of our relationship. It’s for our own good. We’re not each other’s first love..Of course, bcoz we met only at our mid-20s so most ppl have started to be in a love relationship earlier than these ages. Nevertheless, first love doesn’t always have to be the true love rite..It can only be an experience and failure is a better teacher so take the lessons from the history. We gotta do the best for our relationship despite the darkness of our past.

And my past? Well, I’m smiling now.. be adult guys, forgive and forget..if you couldn’t forget, just don’t care. For anything that happened, we might also be at fault. So move on. Remember, pay attention to your now. It’s creating memories so don’t miss every single dot coz it will be reminisced. To my exes, wishing you all the best with the love of your life now..Kawin xyah jemput. Haha…

Specially for my syg…
“After I found you..My life becomes all about making you happy..”

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