Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1431H

I actually wanted to make a post in the early Ramadhan talking about the fasting month but, x sempat anyway..So since it’s passed already, let me comment a bit lah about my Ramadhan..

Alhamdulillah..think fasting month this year was quite fulfilling.. Dpt terawih almost every night (almost)..koz adela jgk missed several nights koz berbuke kt luar n x sempat ke masjid. Rase rugi jgk..tp xpelah jgk..huhu. So regularly I went to Masjid Tmn Daya less than 2 minutes driving distance. Masjid tu wat terawih ringkas je so skjp jek da abis. Pegi usually ngn mama n adik2ku. Alhamdulillah…hopefully next year dpt lg. Qur’an plak, bace la jgk..tp x sempat khatam.. Bgs btol sape yg dpt abis 30 juzu’ dlm sebulan Ramadhan, besar pahale. Xpe, cube lg :)

Buke pose..mostttt of the days I just breakfast at home with family. Mama masak or sometimes beli kt bazaar. But I myself, pegi bazaar pon skali jek. But Alhamdulillah, my mission not to ever breakfast in the car tercapai! Koz da berazam exclusively during the fasting month, will not stay back kat office! Yeah..berjaye..but adela gak sekali buke dlm keta but time tu x pose pon..hehe..so xpe.

Selain family, I also took the opportunity to breakfast with mereka2 yg tersayang.. kwn2 skola n univ n also kekasihku..;) Dgn ex-schoolmates, we had a buffet breakfast at Malay Village, Jln Kolam Air JB. Punyelah ramai org okeh! Makan sedappp sgt n siap plan lg for Jamuan Raye on the 15th Sept (esok!). Yeah really can’t wait…!

Spent a weekend in KL for UIA buddies and also Boyfie Sayang! Buke pose with Eddy kt Ampang and then shopping raye with the girls at Jln TAR dan sebagainyer..It’s our yearly tradition ok! Shopping raye, buke pose n bunge api. So when everybody dah keje pon, we still stick to the plan! This year’s was more special coz we also went for terawih at TTDI plus sahur together at Dina’s crib, Sentul. Really had fun to the max ok! Oh, I wonder this tradition will continue forever and ever? Till one by one get married then it’ll stop..no!

Okaylah, that’s all about my fasting month this year. Alhamdulillah, everything was smooth, health was good and except for the menstrual reason, pose penuh! Now it’s Syawal already, let’s take the opportunity to Puase 6 and yes ladies, ganti pose! Hehe.. ;)

Last but not least, Taqabbalallahu Minna Wa Minkum……semoge Allah menerime amalan ku dan amalan kalian.. …Ameen..

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