Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday was a great day because of this one good news :

Wahhh…lega rasenyer! ALHAMDULILLAH… It was about an examination which I seated in last Dec for an accounting professional qualification (ACCA). The result came out yesterday and it was positive for me! :D Unbelievable~ I thought I’d get it flunked but thank God. It’s soooo what we call it, rezeki. Coz I tried to recall myself answering the paper that day..tah mcm pape jek..n just see the result, the passing rate is 50% and I got it passed by just 2 marks..hehe..Thank God Thank God..nothing else I could say right now but happy and grateful. Yeah I’m not optimistic so having that 2 marks is a world to me! Bcoz life has been sucking lately(a part of life)…stressed and stressed so having to see a so-called miracle really cheers me up! At least there’s a thing dat could draw a smiley on my face.. :)

This post is all about gratitude & appreciation. Think I need to highlight these VIPs for being….wait, let me name them first :

| Eddy Erman Shahime | Nurul Nazlia Jamil | Nurul Ashikin Kamaruddin | Amree Syarmal Abdul Wahab |

These ppl, they’d been so supportive during the weeks approaching to the day of examination. Keep telling me ‘you can do it lah’..bagi kate2 semangat..chewah..but yeah, I can say they are among the reasons for the sensation. Coz I had a week leave for revision so what d’u expect? Stadi lah sgt ‘giler2’ kan..xdenyer! keep babbling ssh + byk lg x cover + tension + risau + xleh buat = xwat pape pon.. so dieorg nie laa yg dok mendgr bebelan2 itu dgr sabar (sbr ke? Tah2 korg sumpah2 aku..hik2)..I know I know, having such a pessimistic friend like me must be so annoying u guys rite? Ok2, claim a McD ice cream once we meet up later, ok?? Haha…

And the foreeeeemost VVIPs that I’d really thank to are.. my parents, unquestionably. I am always like this : I am a negative-thinker, I don’t believe in me most of the time, I always need ppl around me tell me that everything is ok. But one thing that I never doubt about is the mother’s prayer towards the child. I know everybody would say ‘of course lah’ but im telling this is the only thing that keeps me surviving. My mother’s prayer. When I think that I would fail or I would lose..i’ll make an imagination of mama’s prayer’s being answered. God listens. ‘Oh God, please let my parents live longer so that they can pray for me. So that I can survive on Your ground.’ But then again, life is like a wheel. Sometimes ups sometimes downs even you’ve given 200% so when at the bottom, redhalahh…

Others..others..names not mentioned here..but still important. I wished I wanna say thanks individually to every one who’s even just casually wished me ‘good luck’ that day. Even just posted on my FB wall. It’s a real good luck man! And those who congratulate me since yesterday. THANK YOU.

Wahhh Saleha Malek!! Bg ucapan penghargaan tu sket2 dah lahhhh! Br 1st paper jek pon lepas tp die pnye speech tu mcm da dpt chartered! Hikhik.. Alaaa….xpelaa…like I said, at least there’s a thing that could draw a smiley on my face rite.. So let’s celebrate la kan..? I’m honestly not bragging here. I'm just sharing my happiness. There's a lot more to be attempted so there's no point bragging. Ah should i explain this? It’s my blog my rule! (Aimi aku amek ayat ko =p). And yes, it’s just one paper only. For ACCA, there are 14 papers to be completed but I got 9 exemptions so there are 5 more to finish off and I’m just done for the 1st one.. (Anyone wanna buy the P1’s textbook? I give u half price! ;)) So InsyaAllah I’ll continue to sit for the next papers, this June. It’s still a long way to go so just keep going on.

Rock Readers, please wish me all the best of luck, ok! I wanna be successful. We wanna be successful. Let’s pray for each other then! You, good luck too. Ameennn…. *SENORITA smiling*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Speaking of English

I opened my inbox and found this email which I received in Dec ‘09. It’s a survey done by regarding English Language in the Workplace.

Speaking of English, I was studying in an International University which the first medium of communication is definitely, English Language. Lectures, notice boards, verbal announcements, online registrations, presentations and events are all conducted in English. During these times, I progressively improved my level of proficiency of English Language. Not to say that I put so much effort on that, but the condition in the college itself forced me to sharpen myself with good understanding of English Language. Otherwise, it would be difficult for me and for us students to catch up with studies as everything demands feedback in English. Now that I’ve graduated, being the product of an English oriented university is, not too much to say, marketable. Credits to International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur, and the lecturers, specially.

Still, it’s a Malaysian International University thus majority of the students, lecturers and officers are Malaysians or to be specific, Malays. As well, most of my companions were also Malays. As surrounded by mostly Malay friends, of course it was more comfortable for us to speak in our mother tongue language. Thus, this prolonged the progress of improving our English as practice makes perfect. Lesser practice, lower fluency.

Okey enough, guess I’ve been so skema for the above paras. Enough2.. I’ve stories to tell here and dat’s not gonna be delivered in a formal manner. It’s blogging okay! ;)

Still, speaking of English..when I entered my matrics, it’s the requirement for all the new entries to sit for a test called ‘English Placement Test (EPT)’. Placement means this test would determine the level of English that the students would be classed in. There were four levels plus one exemption level. On top of that, the placement also determined the duration for us to complete the matriculation programme, whether it’s gonna be 2 years, 1 n a half years or 1 year.

So guess what I got? Haha…okay just be frank.. I only got to be in Level 2 which allowed me to finish the programme in 1 n a half years. 3 levels to be completed, 1 level for each semester. And the class for English courses only is about four days a week! Wasn’t it irritating?? Sometimes we had classes at tiring! Still remember myself cursing like this : “I’m taking this course bcoz I wanna be an Accountant, not an English teacher!” poyosss….hahaha..funny.. we never see the silver lining the moment we’re undergoing it. Later when I was already in the main campus only I found that all the English courses provided back then were very useful. It made me familiar with English and being in a place where foreigners are everywhere was not strange no more.

Maybe for certain students would still feel that it’s not necessary to have such a bundle of English books n exercises, but for myself, I needed them. Bcoz I’m definitely non-native and my surroundings since I was small until the secondary were not English oriented. I never scored good grades for the subject in big exams. So having the courses with great lecturers was an opportunity to me and what more I appreciate is, English has become my interest as I found it joyful in learning. Reading and writing, English is preferable. Don't mean its perfect tho. It is not. Speaking? Emm…Yah I’d like too.. but the fluency is still not so convincing~ Lecturers always asked the studs to practice speaking among us but haha…obviously that’s not what happens.

U know ppl, in my bag, there’s a tool which is as important as my other cosmetic stuffs. U know what? This is it :

Dr. Fazley’s BESTA Electronic Dictionary

Haha..Kantoi kan..going
everywhere with diction. =D It’s ok lah... This is what I can do for myself. But sometimes it's forgotten.heh..Bought it in my first year of college and the cost was RM498, if I’m not mistaken. It helped a lot, and still helping ;). Thank you, Abah. It’s a worth investment for your daughter. I love you.

Ah actually, I've a lot more to write when it comes to speaking of English. But seems the post is long enough so guess I wanna stop. Moreover, it’s like a serious topic so..boring~

Last but not least, I'd like to recommend a book which I think it’s so practical and effective for daily use. You can improve your spoken English from time to time.

English Fast & Easy by Marianna Pascal, RM29.90

The approach is simple, by presenting the most useful English phrases for work and everyday life. And it also highlights certain mistakes that ppl commonly make when speaking. By sticking to this book, it will not only help us speak English but speak better English. Still, practice makes perfect!

Remember, it’s never too late to learn or even start learning. Let’s improve ourselves! *SENORITAsmiling*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Story


"Romeo, take me somewhere I can be alone
I’ll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story baby just say..yes...."

Hehe..sweet kan lagu tu..Love Story by Taylor Swift..
Well…this time, I wanna share with you readers about My Love Story! ;)

October 13th, 2009…The precious date that changes my status. Chewah..these are all Friendster-Facebook thingy that come out with the status type “
in a relationship”. Usually klu dlu, single or married jek..Nie siap ade on-the-way entitlement lg..We’re youngsters, so ikut jelaa mende2 tu..N yes, I am. I am in a relationship with someone. :)

The first time we met : Unexpected. Sudden. Destined.
Location : Parking Lot, Safiyyah College, IIUM
Date : I kinda person who remembers important dates very well. But I seriously don’t remember this bcoz it’s a longgg time ago. Since at dat time I never thought that he’ll be ‘my only one’ why should I bother the date? But then, few years after meeting back again, I tried to recall and maybeee….it was in my second year so its 2007 back then. Maybe la..

How did it happen :
Weekend, staying in room. A friend of mine was going to a club programme so it’s her practice to leave her car with me at my college. She reminded me to panaskan the enjin frequently coz the battery da konk. So this one fine evening, I went down to the parking lot to do what I got to do and what happened when I started the car, alarm!! Weng weng wenggggg….Argh it's so embarrassing and just so you know a typical gal yg diperkatekan org ‘keta reti bwk jek xtau pape’..oh it’s sooo myself…alarm pon x reti nk off kan..memalukan, gelabah, i opened the front boot but xtau nk wat ape..immage!

And thennn…jeng jeng jeng..there he was!
Looking at me and signaling from far..something like “why?”
Me, pointing to car : “battery konk”.
Then dier dtg n off kan the alarm justtt by pressing the red button at the remote and it stopped. Haih..mende simple pon xtau..segan i!
An excuse : My car didn't have that car remote so I dunno how to use it. Hahah.
He left and few seconds later. It's alarming again! And i tried to do like he did but it didn't work..damn..
Then he came to me again and he broke the speaker off.

In my heart I was saying... "Ouhhh my hero!" Hahahaha…..just a naughty gurly thought that didn't mean anything that time..
But literally, control la beb...Hehe...

Well that’s how it started..simple but momentous.. =p

Few years afterward, guess in my final year, I ade la nmpk mamat nie bebrape kali kt econs tu..I didn’t know his name.. Well he seems nice. We recognize each other out of that car alarm incident but we’re not from the same circle of friends..I didn’t know his buddies n he didn’t know mine..we’re not related eventho studying in the same never got the chance to say a word.. senyum2 dr jauh tu adelaa ;p

Ah let’s cut it short~

April 2009
-hye’s and hello’s
-exchange fon number

First Date
Date : October 3rd,2009
Location : Mid Valley Megamall

Official Declaration
Date : October 13th, 2009
Location : KLIA

Eiffel, I’m in love! :D
My Romeo, I love you so much…And I love our Love Stories..
Thank God for this destiny..May it last forever and ever..

(p/s- quite many things happened during Apr-Oct’09…funny & silly!! Censoreddd… I said, I love our love stories!) - x.o.x.o -

Monday, February 15, 2010

Beauty is Pain

Is it? It’s a saying. So yes, the answer is yes. Especially when ppl relate this with all the surgeries or any medical procedures that folks are willing to endure solely for the purpose of beauty enhancement. Plastic surgery, liposuction, face lift, breast implant, botox, so on and so forth.
They bear to suffer the pain of undergoing it during or after the procedures. Sometimes, the pain or allergies that it develops are irreversible. But still, having to know all these side-effects, those kinds of artificial extensions are still in demand, high demand.

Beauty is pain. Physically painful. And monetarily painful as well. But ppl still would wanna do it. That is called sacrifice. As for myself, I also have undergone several emm…not to say surgeries la…a bit more simpler situations which I can also classify those as beauty-is-pain episodes. Those are :

Braces : Haha…Ugly Betty! Yeah, I used to fix in dental braces when I was in school. Still remember it was from June ‘01 until July ‘02. About 1 year and 1 month la..and after taking it out, I gotta wear retainers until my matrics time. The condition to use braces was I had to take out 4 of my gerahams so that it can align the other teeth by taking its spaces. Beauty is pain..sakit tau kne cabut gigi! drh sume.. Beauty is pain..Braces are ‘besi’ for the whole year using it, asyik dpt ulcer ajek! Beauty is pain..Using braces was somehow embarrassing. Nowadays braces are common. Back in early 2K’s, I guess not so many students wearing it in school..So it’s kinda weird when looking at someone having those shining devices when smiling. Oh yeah I still remember my friends used to call me ‘Shining’..'Salz Shining'..haha.. Anyhow, it was almost 10 years ago. Think I smile confidently since then…hehe..How was my previous teeth? Lalala… ;D.. Oh yeah..Beauty is pain..Monetarily painful. The cost for the orthodontics was RM5k..see..Beauty is pain.

Eyelid Surgery : It’s a minor operation I underwent in July’09. U know sometimes when our eyes got infected and there will be lumps swelling in our eyelids? Sadly, I had it so frequently during my college time! Warghh…tension! Until the point that my friends made me as a trademark of ketumbit! salz ketumbit katenyer..ciss..yelah, mane tak nyer..every few months, I must get one staying there. More embarrassingly, ppl always associate having lumps for the reasons of mengintai org! Oh no… There was one time, a final exam period in my second year, I had one so badly, very2 big one, bleeding n aching. Final exam! What to do? Just go..xnak I went in the exam hall with sunglasses! Hahah.. Worse, maybe because it happened for quite many times, the lumps became accumulated in my eyelids and it stayed there even though there’s no more pain. Arghh…jadi permanent lump la pulak! So I went to see specialist about it and he recommended a surgery to take it out. See..x penah2 msk hospital just bcoz of this, I have an inpatient history. But it’s is pain. It’s at the face so I don’t wanna bring it everywhere seeing ppl, guys especially..hahah! Even though I’m actually a kinda person who’s afraid of anything that could jeopardize the eyes. For example, wearing contact-lenses. I never tried it and will never do. Think it’s so scary to point in something in the fragile organ. Takut ah…And one more, wearing eyeliner..haa.. I draw eye liner everyday but everytime I do it, I freak out. Tkt pencil tu tercucuk trs. Well, beauty is pain. N Alhamdulillah, after the surgery, there’s no more lumps..yet! Hehe..kire okla..more than half a year already..klu dlu, every two three months mesti ade ketumbit! Nk gi dating pon ssh… is pain, but the pain is worth it ;)

Facial Treatment : Some ppl do facial treatment regularly. I don’t. Malas n I don’t like..But pernah la pegi ikut mama skali due..u know how they do it? They dig the blackheads and acnes holes and take out amende tah which was soooo painful for me to bear bcoz it’s the face skin ok! N after dh settle tu, the face jd trk sket n then after a few days br ok n clean. Huhh…beauty is pain. But for this one..xrela!

Waxing : No futher explanation. Waxing does hurt. But then again, beauty is pain.

Rebonding : Emmm…not painful la but you gotta sit for at least 3 hours..boring. Boring is painful. Beauty is pain.

New Shoes Irritation : All ladies must have come across a situation when u buy new shoes n got irritation when wearing it for the first time. Then, how is it related to beauty is pain? Haha..Of course its bcoz you bear to get scraped off for the sake of looking nice with the shoes. This usually happens for high heels. Beauty is pain I repeat. I know a tips and I guess many girls also know this : ‘Bite the new shoes you buy so that they don’t bite u later on..’ oyeh? Yes! I practice this everytime buying new shoes. Funny but it works!

Okays, that’s all…beauty is pain. It is. But for wrapping up, let’s think of this one contradicting quote : “Beauty is only skin deep” – outward appearance is less important than hidden or inner qualities.. Em, BEAUTY IS PAIN??

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things I damn miss of my days in UIA…

“Keje xbest, stadi lg best. Zaman stadi plg best!”

Don't lie studs! I bet all students must have heard that phrase during their study times, aite? If you dont, at least you do now after reading this blog. haha gotcha! I h
eard it especially from the seniors.Of coursela seniors.. But somehow, the belief I could give was emm... 50-50..maybe..yelah..mane tak nyer..mase tu, studies..boring kot..nk abis cpt2 n keje! wahh...bkobar2..siap abiskan course in 3 n a half years tau, instead of 4 years! damn...

N now, I've been working for about 10 months. n see, now i'm rephrasing the words to all students i frens, bros
, cousins, juniors and sape2lah..omg..i don't know how else could i say this so that it will become a reality that i could turn back time! wake up! it will never be a reality. the time has gone..i am now a working person, n no more campus life..sedey!! rindu sgt... sgt best mase2 itu..

Hmm Salz, drpd meratapi mase yg dh blalu, baik kite bsyukur je kan dgn ape
yg kte ade skrg least, i got the chance to be in campus not like certain ppl who don't even have the chance to feel what i experienced. at least, my campus life was great not like certain ppl who can't really enjoy their teen-ages bcoz of certain constraints.. money especially. well i also had been in a 'sengkek' situation..biaselaa students! no i'm not saying that my parents didn't give me allowance..they gave me more than enough plus a credit card plus a car! but still, sometimes i got to borrow my girls' money out of shortages...bajet lari! haha..but it was sweet..when u still have ppl to lean on and they just don't mind..x berkire.. thanks sayangsss! (aku ade htg pape lg x?? hahah)

Hey, let's do some flashba
cks here..these are the things i damnnnn missss of my days in UIA..a lot more actually coz I can't afford to mention all..but these were memorable :

-Econs...Classes, Parking Lot, Computer Lab, Achik Fast Print -Mahallah Safiyah Blok E..My Rooms & Room
mates E1.1e, E3.1b, E4.3c
-Mahallah Ameenah..da girls’ room (gossiping port)

-Tangge Titanic (or some of them call it Tangge Firaun
? siot)
-Lunch at Melati, Sri Gombak (konvoiii...)

-Lepak at NZ -Malis Char kuew tiow Malis!
-Squash at
Female Sports Complex -Main layang2 kat kepong (lyg2 snow white terbang trs!!)
-Lecturers yg best
-Officers at Dept of Acc yg byk menolong -Pak guard yg baik jek n x byk songeh
-BACC Association..
Da members, meetings, programs.
-Hang-outs..muvies..bowlings..karoks..overnites..picnics..bday parties -Shopping with the girls
-Shopping-talk session every evening after
asar ;D
-Laughing over wrongly pronounced words (siap ade dictionary!)
-Gossips and gossiping

-Arguments, gadoh2, manje2 ;-p

-Pozing taking pictures (smpi ilang camera aku)

-Gelaran2 and Taglines...LLB – Look Like Busy, Giler Glamor, Fine!!, ‘3 Kilometer’, Layannn...

And absolutely, I miss all those things because I really am missing my : Buddies buddies buddies!! You know who you are. Wishing to turn back time. *Precious*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Katenyer, Rambut adelah Mahkota..


Nov 2006 – New image, short haircut, first time rebonding, ala2 Victoria Beckham gitu! Haha..Coz I admire her damn much! Kt My Hair Salon, JB RM250

Mar 2008 – Touch up rebonding. At the A Cut Above, Tmn Melawati KL RM150

Jan 2009 – Rebonding again. Ngn kak salmi! ;) Kat Sungei Wang Plaza, apetah name salon tu..RM120.00

Feb 2010 – Rambut da pnjgggg sgt! Potong sket lps bahu.. RM180 at Kaguyahime Hair Design Studio, Tebrau City, JB

Yeah…I'm now with my new haircut for 2010..Will retain this for a year ahead ;) Rambut kan mahkota..So jagelah dgn baik..Go for hair treatment once in a month or plg2 once in 2 to 3 months..Use good shampoo plus conditioner..Haha actually, I’m not that particular pon..but just taking care..currently I’m using Herbal Essence shampoo n conditioner red color long term relationship..really like it!

Yg tension nyer td gi salon for like 3 hours..lupe nk bwk fon! Haihh…bosan giler bace mags sume smntare nk tggu die siap…da set da nk call yg t’syg bgayut smbl buat rmbt..xde la boring sgt..rebonding kan lame..spoil btol..

Nape asyik rebonding jek? Hehe..bcoz it's simple, kemas n senang..My ori hair is a bit curly and doesn't always stay still so rimas!

Ok, that’s one thing I’ve done for this long weekend. What’s next? Tdo! ;D

2010 Kick-Outs

Hi Ppl!! I’m back againnn!! (After almost a year!) Hahah…Knock2..Is anybody home??? Haha..Followers pon x follow dah kot blog yg da bbulan x update nie..What was the last post about? Emm….about starting to work aite, Apr 2009. And now, Feb 2010..OMG..just like a blink of an eye! Cpt nyer mase blalu seriously hard to believe…Means that I’ve been 10 months working okay..

Quoting from last post, “Ha, I’ll talk about my job in the next-next post okay; the company I’ll be working for, what my position is and some more about it lah”

End up?? Haha…xde post pon lgsg since da keje! Why? Bz sgt ker..xde nyer! It’s just that..maybe malas plus I’ve another blog shared by my rockchicks so bz with that’s a private blog anyhow. No access to public..hehhe.. =p

So now I’m back..I think I wanna be a true blogger la..As if like updating it at all times about all things..Bcoz I love reading ppl’s blogs..Enjoy following what ppl continuously discuss but for myself to spend time typing and typing..Em tgk lah camne..

Actually it’s weekend beybeh..eykk…not only dat but it's also a longgg weekend! Chinese New Year’s PH so cuti 4 hari yeay! The thing is, I got no plans..No hangouts no travellings so that’s why tbe2 bkk blog nie..Wanna make some changes..Deco new layouts here and there.. so that biar smngt sket nk update2 blog pasnie. The current headings yg da berzaman x tukar tulis : [Nur Saleha Malek Reedzwan, 23 years old, Female, Student, Single]..ouhhh no no noooo…da byk yg brubah okay..hahaha..

Okla..panaskan enjin awal2 thn sket2 sudehh..Promise I’ll not abandon this blog anymore..story story story!!

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