Thursday, February 12, 2009

Senorita is now a Senior – SENIOR-RITA!

Final Year. Final Semester. Yeah.. there it is. Finally I reached the final semester of my studies. I just can’t believe that I’ve been in UIA for 3 years and 3 months already. And it will end in only 2 months time from now..*silent for a moment* Huh…what a feeling..indescribable. A mix of feelings…happy, scary, excited, worried, can’t wait, depressed…positive + negative feelings. Am I gonna be a working person after this? Am I ready to face the real world out there? Am I not in the real world right now? Huhu..arghh…okay, let me tell you what I am excited about graduating and what are the friggin’ things I am worrying so much.

I can’t wait to :
-Stop going to class. I am a lazy student, late-comer, not that smart, not a teacher’s pet, always cut classes, can’t really catch up lectures, so when are these all gonna stop?? Once I’ve graduated. So I wanna grad cepat!
-Not have exams anymore! I am a person who hatesssss exams so much for God sakes!!!! I am totally not an exam-oriented person so having exams is terribly distressing me man.. Sometimes I’ve read all the notes, done exercises, understood the topics, but when it comes to answering in exam..damn, everything went to hell. I enjoyed the learning part but I don’t have a good memory, so memorizing is definitely a big problem to me, but that’s what we gotta do for exams. So end it up,plz.

I am so worried :
-That I won’t get a job or job that I want. Huuhh…this is absolutely my major anxiety. We are in a situation of economy downturn and I am graduating in the middle of it. Thousands of graduates to compete with and I am only carrying a suam2 kuku pointer..I wish I wish I wish I’ll get a job quick..Please pray for me my blog’s readers.
-Of being a working person. Quoted from Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy : “Responsibility sucks. Responsibility does suck.” Don’t I have any responsibilities right now? Yes, I do and everybody always does. But responsibility as a working person must be completely greater than as a student, u know that. Honestly, I am worried of myself financially. Will I be able to manage my financial well? Yelah, selame ni harapkan mak bapak jek lepas nie rasekan! Hm, that sucks (agreeing Meredith).

Above all..there’s another foremost thing that plays around my mind “Am I really gonna be graduating this semester??” Hahha..busy worrying about things after graduation which are not even confirmed yet! I’ll graduate only if I pass all my papers this semester. I am only taking 3 subjects..sounds light..but still, I have to struggle for it (I’m not smart, remember).

Public Sector Accounting (PSA) – Accounting for the Government or Public Sector Organization. Reading subject, boring seyh…Tapi Sir Muslim best. Best2 pon aku slalu ponteng gak! Huk2..

Futures, Options & Risk Management (FORM) – Finance subject, investment. Elective. Elective means I myself chose to take it. The subject is interesting but susah kotttt…Dah tu asal amek?? Coz I’ve taken another finance subject last semester (Investment Analysis) and I’m not interested in Islamic Accounting so finance is my choice! Ah, another one thing, I heard this paper will qualify me the exemption for an ACCA paper which the previous batches don’t manage to get because they didn’t take this paper. Really? Hope so hope so..Whatever it is, get it passed first, Nur Saleha!

English for Occupational Purposes (EOP) – Last semester I took EAP (Academic). I enjoyed it more than this one. The topics are fun but assignment dier bosan dowhhhh… And furthermore the class is a 2-hour class, 3 times a week! Arghhhh....What-eva.

Wah…what a long story long chatter! Takpela, skali skale update blog. Okays guys, that’s all about me babbling about my final year (final year hope so). My mom has been expecting me to graduate this semester so I’m not gonna upset her. So friends, please pray for me so that I’ll be a daughter that makes my Mama happy. God bless you bless your prayer. Till then..*SENORITAsmiling*

7 comments on "Senorita is now a Senior – SENIOR-RITA!"

jiji najiy on Friday, February 13, 2009 said...

hye salz..
all da best for ur final semz

kte link2 k..
misi : mencari rakan2 sekolah!!!

AiE bAhRi on Saturday, February 14, 2009 said...

all d best..

salam ziarah dari saya..

his_story on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 said...

x yah r cpt2 nk grade..dok je diam2 kt uia 2..x bes keje ni..asek pgg duit je..haha!!

his_story on Thursday, February 26, 2009 said...

huhu..fren..anda di tag

his_story on Sunday, March 01, 2009 said...

another tag..sungguh bz kamu ya~

Anonymous said...

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