Thursday, November 23, 2006

Special Editon......

To know me deeeepppp inside......

  1. Full Name : Nur Saleha binti Malek Reedzwan....Juz like in my I.C..

  2. Nick Name(s) : salz, saleha, leha..
  3. Date of Birth : 27th April 1986 (3:30pm)
  4. Place of Birth : Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan.

  5. Chinese Zodiac : Tiger...auummm

  6. Zodiac : Taurus..

  7. Hair Color : Black..

  8. Eye Color : Black.. Org melayuuu....

  9. Height : 155cm...or 5 feet 1 inch..Pendek maa...takley jad model....huhu

  10. Favourite Color(s) : Yellow...!! Like kunang-kunang...So shining...I like bright things..

  11. Glasses? : Stakat ni..Nope, only me not specky in my family..Hoping for not 2b rabun..ssh laaa...

  12. Braces? : Yap!! Haha..from June 2001 until July 2002 (form 3 until form 4) waz my previous teeth? oooppss.....haha

  13. Tattoo(s)? : Neva!

******HAVE YOU EVER*******

  1. Cut Your own hair? Gi salon la biasenyer...A.Cut Hair Studio, Melawati..Or Team @ Jusco Permas Jaya.

  2. Did You do something in the past that You regret? 2 times...1. Betraying my ex-BF, 2. Tak ingat.

  3. Skipped school or class? Hehhe....slalu jek..

  4. Bungee jump? Tak penah...Nak jugak rasenyer...Sape nak gi ajak me eh!

  5. Dumped someone? Pernah

  6. Been arrested? Tak pernah...Kene thn ngan polis penah...Huii kecut!

  7. Won something? Lorhh...Now i realized..I'm so not a lucky gurl..Msk pape pun tak penah menang lerrrr....

  8. Been rejected..? Tak penah propose so tak kene reject...Application kene reject ade ar...Scholar JPA..

  9. Been to funeral? 2 times...My grandma, n my great grandma..

  10. Used a lighter? Nak petik pun tak reti...

  11. Been on stage? Pernah..But i got nervous arr...takut!


  1. Season : Autumn..ceh..

  2. Food : Chicken rice, chicken chop, nando's, kenny rodgers... Chicken,chicken,chicken!!

  3. Ice cream flavour : Chocolate, Chocolate Chip...Chocolate Drumstik, Baskin Robin's World Class..

  4. Book(s) : Magazines..Novels sket2 la...The "How To.." books (learning n learning)...

  5. Movie(s) : Yap, i love watching muvee...But know what, i don't like action muvee..but ill try 2 minat dat kind of muvee la..Koz many of my friends pun suke...I'm more to love story, comedy n horror..The best comedy is Pink Panther...Klakarr gillerrr!!!

  6. Song(s) : Sentimental lahhh....Rock pun bley layan...No probs..Favourite 4ever and ever : Be Without You, Irresistable, Unfaithful, My All, We Belong Together, Stickwitu, What Hurts The Most and I Can't Hate You Anymore.

  7. State? : Johor, Kay Elle...

  8. Place : UIA...ha ha ha...

  9. Mall : Mid Valley, One Utama, Jusco Tebrau City

  10. Sport 2 watch : Tak suke tgk bola...Dis thing also, i will try 2 like it..

  11. Bands/musicians : Dulu suke giller BLUE...but dah broke up...sedey wo...

  12. Actor : Josh Hartnett, Freddy Prinze Jr., Ben Stiller

  13. Actress : Erra Fazira, Lindsay Lohan

  14. Singer(s) : Mariah Carey

  15. Letters(s) : S, Z....Datz y i put 'Z' end of 'SAL'

  16. Restaurant : Mali's Corner at Jln Malinja..My lepaking port!!! & in JB, Stulang Laut.

  17. Cartoon character(s) : Pooh.

  18. TV station(s) :

  19. Name for a son(s) : Lorhh....Ok, later i'll discuss wif my future husband.

  20. Name for a daughter(s) : Future husband pun lom aderrr!!!

*******DO YOU PREFER*******

  1. Chocolate or Vanilla? : Chocolate..

  2. Long relationship or one nite stands? : Of course la lonnngggg...i ni setia...cehh...No la, mst la nak long relationship..If not, wat pe be in a relationship...I dont mean dat if i were in a rship, i juz trs nak pk boud kawin n all dat..but, be serious wif da person u r in love wif...jgn main2 maa....

  3. Dogs or cats? : Due2 pun aku benci.. Sume binatang pun aku benciiiii!!! cat mmg takut dr, ive ever been chased by dog!!! two stupid dogs in my coleg!! bodo tol..uia pun ade anjing..!

  4. Scary movies or comedies? : Love both!!

  5. Short hair or long? : Long. For men, i prefer short hair!

  6. Kissing or hugging? : Mane2 pong boleyyyy....hahaha.... kidding weyhh

  7. Mercedes or BMW? : BMW.. smart wo..


  1. School? : Study, friends..

  2. Grass? : hijau, n responsible to produce Oxygen for me..

  3. Cow? : kene korban la.. sabar ye..

  4. Paris? : Eiffle Tower

  5. Siti Nurhaliza? : So soooo lucky...

  6. Mouse? : Ta takuuuttttt............

  7. Hands? : I dont wear anything at my wrist...Not a bangle, not a watch..

  8. Pain? : Gastric..

  9. Break up the relationship? : 3 times ever be in love, 3 times failed. Nextttttt...............

6 comments on "Special Editon......"

good boy said...

aku glak sorg2 bc ko pnah kna kjr anjing

SUPERNOVA on Thursday, November 30, 2006 said...

jahat nyer ko habel!!! bukan nyer nak kesian kat aku...isk isk..

good boy said...

alalalala sori sori
ye la aku kesian ni
sian ko

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