Monday, March 8, 2010

The Poll

For those who visited the page for the last two weeks must have seen the poll I posted for you to vote. Just browsing the blogger gadgets so decided to choose dat one, asking readers about what they would wanna read bout in here. Bcoz blogging, I actly dunno what dis kunang-kunang’s essentials. Some ppl focus on their interest like in business, so they’ll talk about business, photography so they’ll post lotsa pics selling their creativity. Some ppl are religious so they take blogging as an opportunity to convey religious thoughts like tazkirah like that..dpt pahale kan sharing :)..and there’s one blog I casually visited, this gal blogged on her wedding preparation! She named it as her wedding journal, started writing it from da day she got engaged till the day she tied the knot. All about her wedding plan. Best jgk kan? Idea nih! Ahaks =p .

While mine, look at the caption, well, it’s just all about idea..wanna talk about my interest, my interests not interesting. Wanna talk about world issues, not that knowledgable la pulek..Ah actly rmi jek yg blogging for nothing kan..same goes to me lah. X dpt duit pon blogging but it’s the satisfaction maybe..everybody owns a blog, I also wanna own a blog laa~~ hehe..

So then I posted the poll for two weeks n now its closed already..thats the result and it came out from a total of SIX votes jela??? C’mon la My KUNANG-KUNANG got only 6 readers jek..heishh…gulung tikar lah camnie..hehe…fine, I still take everythg into account so mostly wanna read about LOVE~ ahaks! Okay, so I’ll publish more posts on Love after this. Smpi la korg tmuntah nk bace..hikhikhik..

Emm…if it’s about love, the definition can be so broad rite. Of course when ur writing u’ll talk about what you love to talk about, it is love, still. But looking at my posts on love in the archives, they automatically focus on that one particular loveee…hikhik..ah sng ckp, my boyfriend lah! Hak2… yeah, the love life between the two hearts that are truly madly deeply into each other~~dancing in its own world like there’s nobody is breathing but them~. HAHA wargh jiwangs! Over tau! Enough2..dnt band this blog yet! The subject was about the poll ok! So yeah, (back to normal tone) if it’s about love, I’ll share what I generally think of a love relationship..generally ok.. ;p

Oh yea, the first runner up goes to the labels on : spiritual? Salz talking about spiritual…sapela yg vote nih..saje jek kan hehe..nway, can la can la..why not rite? There are times in our life, even tho we are a happy-go-lucky person, there must be some check-points that will force us to be somehow more serious, to just sit and think. So that is the time when our discussion will be kinda spiritual..huhu agree? Or im just talking nonsense.. hahah whateva.

Oraite done..i’ll remove the poll and will post another new one. I think I wanna ask you onnnn….later I’ll think about it lah..cmonla rock readers! Vote laaa beb..jgn malu2 =p

Okey till then posting this at 11 now..guess its time to sleep already..tomorrows working! =(

Nitey rockies.. *SalzySmiling*

2 comments on "The Poll"

Aid 'n' Effie on Thursday, March 11, 2010 said...

hey anda ditagged..please go to my blog and cari entry tajuk "sepuluh"

Anonymous said...

opinion lah salz. browse your surroundings. would love to read that

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