Sunday, March 28, 2010

Driving Unpleasure

Its Saturday so I was planning for a movie!
The Lovely Bones, 2:20pm, Cineplex City Square, JB.
Side-kick : Ojul.
Distance Home-CS : Approximately, 20 minutes.
Tickets booked, so relax laa..Suddenly, the side-kick called to pick up at problemo..larkin jek.
2:00pm, still at home. Nk grk la niee..
Mama babbling : Lmbtnyerr..mane smpt nk amek kawan sume..potpetpotpetpotpetpotpet
Me : Ala relax laa nk pecut la nie..bye2 mama! (eksennn…)

5 minutes later…
Mamaaaa….tayar pecah!! Tlanggar divider kt traffic light tuu…….huuuu
Ha ha haaaaaa……so that was my Saturday! Cancelled the movie, waited for the foreman, changed tyre, went back home and continued facebooking. Plus = mama nagging kuase 2. Haihhhh… =p

Let me tell ya, I obtained my driving license in early 2004. So now, its been 6 years holding it with no Ps no more. But my true driving experience, I can say...4 years of Proton Wira Sedan. The first 2 years, the license was just an ornament in my purse. Coz I was in matric, I got no car and I gained NO TRUST from my parents to let me drive by my own. Never can I say.

But, in the first year of college, my dad granted me a car..from there I started driving regularly. By time, driving becomes a normal doing to me..BUT, of course I need to highlight that I can only drive auto-car. Manual, kem slm.. =D

However…..been 4 years daily driving, I admit that my driving skill is still not good. My family members, jgn ckp la..been complaining the way I drv is dangerous. laju and dangerous, x laju but dangerous. Dunno la..sometimes I feel the way I drv ok jekk..sometimes, I myself feel that its so bad. but, for what has happened as I told ya above, you can tell me how my driving skill actually is. *sigh*

So it’s the latest car accident ive been. Small car accident, coz it just involved the tyre. But that was not the first time. In 2007, I also had a car accident. Nie hasil nyer :

It was early morning, alone, a sharp corner with high speed. Realizing its too fast so I suddenly brakedddddddd………then the car lost control! Steering turning left n right by its own and I started to get panicked. When it almost hit the left divider I turned the steering to the right. I turned it just a little but it went off hitting the right divider and that’s it!
Serious mcm bwk daytona. It affected only the body and side lamp so I still could drv it home (college). Huhuuu…. Called up my parents, crying and bla bla blaa..end up, three weeks without a ride! Huhuuu..sedey btol! Worst, it happened a day after my 21st birthday ok! What a gift! =(

Another one, was driving home from work. Traffic jammm….and I wanted to shift lane and suddenly (always suddenly) theres a pakcik riding beside of my car and I hitted him! Almosttttttt to fall down but he managed to control la..then I stopped the car, apologizing.. "sorry sorry pakcik xsngaje x nmpk pakcik kt sbkh td blab la bla bla”..bsungguh tau. Then die x jd nk mrh…die geleng kpale then “hmm xpelah”..
I went home feeling so bad. just imagine if he fell off the ground yet got another car hitting him from the back..Nauzubillah! too bad until I imagined him in the ICU and I got sued by his family members ker…uwaaa… hukhukhuk. After all, that’s not what happened so Thank God.
Those are among the driving-incidents that have ever happened to me. Got some more actually but not so significant maybe..hmm..See, my driving quality is so bad. I admit. Worse when I’m driving alone. If there’s passenger, kene control la sket kan. Hmmmm…..if this is the case! Think I need to have a driver laaa…hehehe..well, tggula one day, I’ll get one for my 5 series. ;p

In spite of every car accident I have met with, I still thank God as those were all not fatal and not even affected my physical condition. I should + must be more careful next time. Always being careful actually, but if mende da nk jd..nk wat camne? (common answer to my parents..huhu)

So ppl, I believe at these ages, most of you are also drivers right. Or if not, having plans to have driving license. The roads are the place where the most sudden calamities happened and most of them are horrible. The foremost way to keep ourselves in a safe journey, is the prayer definitely. Memorize, practice! Here is it :


Ok readers, conclusion, Berhati-hati di jalan raya..Ingatlah orang yang tersayang.. =) ---> a simple reminding phrase but really touched the heart and somehow, effective. Because its not only about you. But your loved ones. Good ads, thumbs up. Bye2.

3 comments on "Driving Unpleasure"

eddyerman on Monday, March 29, 2010 said...

waa...nahaya tu...
tapi abg ingat lagi ms bg syg drive agp...pergh kalah driver dier yg sebenar...tekan smpai 160 km/j...:D

SALZvatore on Monday, March 29, 2010 said...

hehehe...ala x sdr laa..nnt pnjm lg! ;p

Anonymous said...

salllllzzz... sakit mate... hijau dan putih...

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