Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things I damn miss of my days in UIA…

“Keje xbest, stadi lg best. Zaman stadi plg best!”

Don't lie studs! I bet all students must have heard that phrase during their study times, aite? If you dont, at least you do now after reading this blog. haha gotcha! I h
eard it especially from the seniors.Of coursela seniors.. But somehow, the belief I could give was emm... 50-50..maybe..yelah..mane tak nyer..mase tu, studies..boring kot..nk abis cpt2 n keje! wahh...bkobar2..siap abiskan course in 3 n a half years tau, instead of 4 years! damn...

N now, I've been working for about 10 months. n see, now i'm rephrasing the words to all students i frens, bros
, cousins, juniors and sape2lah..omg..i don't know how else could i say this so that it will become a reality that i could turn back time! wake up! it will never be a reality. the time has gone..i am now a working person, n no more campus life..sedey!! rindu sgt... sgt best mase2 itu..

Hmm Salz, drpd meratapi mase yg dh blalu, baik kite bsyukur je kan dgn ape
yg kte ade skrg least, i got the chance to be in campus not like certain ppl who don't even have the chance to feel what i experienced. at least, my campus life was great not like certain ppl who can't really enjoy their teen-ages bcoz of certain constraints.. money especially. well i also had been in a 'sengkek' situation..biaselaa students! no i'm not saying that my parents didn't give me allowance..they gave me more than enough plus a credit card plus a car! but still, sometimes i got to borrow my girls' money out of shortages...bajet lari! haha..but it was sweet..when u still have ppl to lean on and they just don't mind..x berkire.. thanks sayangsss! (aku ade htg pape lg x?? hahah)

Hey, let's do some flashba
cks here..these are the things i damnnnn missss of my days in UIA..a lot more actually coz I can't afford to mention all..but these were memorable :

-Econs...Classes, Parking Lot, Computer Lab, Achik Fast Print -Mahallah Safiyah Blok E..My Rooms & Room
mates E1.1e, E3.1b, E4.3c
-Mahallah Ameenah..da girls’ room (gossiping port)

-Tangge Titanic (or some of them call it Tangge Firaun
? siot)
-Lunch at Melati, Sri Gombak (konvoiii...)

-Lepak at NZ -Malis Char kuew tiow Malis!
-Squash at
Female Sports Complex -Main layang2 kat kepong (lyg2 snow white terbang trs!!)
-Lecturers yg best
-Officers at Dept of Acc yg byk menolong -Pak guard yg baik jek n x byk songeh
-BACC Association..
Da members, meetings, programs.
-Hang-outs..muvies..bowlings..karoks..overnites..picnics..bday parties -Shopping with the girls
-Shopping-talk session every evening after
asar ;D
-Laughing over wrongly pronounced words (siap ade dictionary!)
-Gossips and gossiping

-Arguments, gadoh2, manje2 ;-p

-Pozing taking pictures (smpi ilang camera aku)

-Gelaran2 and Taglines...LLB – Look Like Busy, Giler Glamor, Fine!!, ‘3 Kilometer’, Layannn...

And absolutely, I miss all those things because I really am missing my : Buddies buddies buddies!! You know who you are. Wishing to turn back time. *Precious*

2 comments on "Things I damn miss of my days in UIA…"

bluerose1211 on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 said...

wowiieee..rebonding again! aku ngah plan nk wat tgu keje nnti..

sal..missing da moment too..i miss my student's life..really!!!

Anonymous said...

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