Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Kick-Outs

Hi Ppl!! I’m back againnn!! (After almost a year!) Hahah…Knock2..Is anybody home??? Haha..Followers pon x follow dah kot blog yg da bbulan x update nie..What was the last post about? Emm….about starting to work aite, Apr 2009. And now, Feb 2010..OMG..just like a blink of an eye! Cpt nyer mase blalu seriously hard to believe…Means that I’ve been 10 months working okay..

Quoting from last post, “Ha, I’ll talk about my job in the next-next post okay; the company I’ll be working for, what my position is and some more about it lah”

End up?? Haha…xde post pon lgsg since da keje! Why? Bz sgt ker..xde nyer! It’s just that..maybe malas plus I’ve another blog shared by my rockchicks so bz with that’s a private blog anyhow. No access to public..hehhe.. =p

So now I’m back..I think I wanna be a true blogger la..As if like updating it at all times about all things..Bcoz I love reading ppl’s blogs..Enjoy following what ppl continuously discuss but for myself to spend time typing and typing..Em tgk lah camne..

Actually it’s weekend beybeh..eykk…not only dat but it's also a longgg weekend! Chinese New Year’s PH so cuti 4 hari yeay! The thing is, I got no plans..No hangouts no travellings so that’s why tbe2 bkk blog nie..Wanna make some changes..Deco new layouts here and there.. so that biar smngt sket nk update2 blog pasnie. The current headings yg da berzaman x tukar tulis : [Nur Saleha Malek Reedzwan, 23 years old, Female, Student, Single]..ouhhh no no noooo…da byk yg brubah okay..hahaha..

Okla..panaskan enjin awal2 thn sket2 sudehh..Promise I’ll not abandon this blog anymore..story story story!!

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