Saturday, February 13, 2010

Katenyer, Rambut adelah Mahkota..

Nov 2006 – New image, short haircut, first time rebonding, ala2 Victoria Beckham gitu! Haha..Coz I admire her damn much! Kt My Hair Salon, JB RM250

Mar 2008 – Touch up rebonding. At the A Cut Above, Tmn Melawati KL RM150

Jan 2009 – Rebonding again. Ngn kak salmi! ;) Kat Sungei Wang Plaza, apetah name salon tu..RM120.00

Feb 2010 – Rambut da pnjgggg sgt! Potong sket lps bahu.. RM180 at Kaguyahime Hair Design Studio, Tebrau City, JB

Yeah…I'm now with my new haircut for 2010..Will retain this for a year ahead ;) Rambut kan mahkota..So jagelah dgn baik..Go for hair treatment once in a month or plg2 once in 2 to 3 months..Use good shampoo plus conditioner..Haha actually, I’m not that particular pon..but just taking care..currently I’m using Herbal Essence shampoo n conditioner red color long term relationship..really like it!

Yg tension nyer td gi salon for like 3 hours..lupe nk bwk fon! Haihh…bosan giler bace mags sume smntare nk tggu die siap…da set da nk call yg t’syg bgayut smbl buat rmbt..xde la boring sgt..rebonding kan lame..spoil btol..

Nape asyik rebonding jek? Hehe..bcoz it's simple, kemas n senang..My ori hair is a bit curly and doesn't always stay still so rimas!

Ok, that’s one thing I’ve done for this long weekend. What’s next? Tdo! ;D

3 comments on "Katenyer, Rambut adelah Mahkota.."

his_story on Saturday, February 13, 2010 said...

mane gmbr rmbtnye?haha..slmt berbloging semula..

Nizam Malek on Sunday, February 14, 2010 said...

Rambut kan mahkota. Kena lah jaga baik2. Dah tu kalau selalu dok bakar2 die, sedih rambut. =p

SALZvatore on Sunday, February 14, 2010 said...

his_story : gmbr xde..sile bygkan shje..hehe. yeah, back to blogging..sile follow n comment yer..yg best2 jek!! haha

nizam : menjage nyer dgn mmbakarnyer laaa....

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