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Speaking of English

I opened my inbox and found this email which I received in Dec ‘09. It’s a survey done by regarding English Language in the Workplace.

Speaking of English, I was studying in an International University which the first medium of communication is definitely, English Language. Lectures, notice boards, verbal announcements, online registrations, presentations and events are all conducted in English. During these times, I progressively improved my level of proficiency of English Language. Not to say that I put so much effort on that, but the condition in the college itself forced me to sharpen myself with good understanding of English Language. Otherwise, it would be difficult for me and for us students to catch up with studies as everything demands feedback in English. Now that I’ve graduated, being the product of an English oriented university is, not too much to say, marketable. Credits to International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur, and the lecturers, specially.

Still, it’s a Malaysian International University thus majority of the students, lecturers and officers are Malaysians or to be specific, Malays. As well, most of my companions were also Malays. As surrounded by mostly Malay friends, of course it was more comfortable for us to speak in our mother tongue language. Thus, this prolonged the progress of improving our English as practice makes perfect. Lesser practice, lower fluency.

Okey enough, guess I’ve been so skema for the above paras. Enough2.. I’ve stories to tell here and dat’s not gonna be delivered in a formal manner. It’s blogging okay! ;)

Still, speaking of English..when I entered my matrics, it’s the requirement for all the new entries to sit for a test called ‘English Placement Test (EPT)’. Placement means this test would determine the level of English that the students would be classed in. There were four levels plus one exemption level. On top of that, the placement also determined the duration for us to complete the matriculation programme, whether it’s gonna be 2 years, 1 n a half years or 1 year.

So guess what I got? Haha…okay just be frank.. I only got to be in Level 2 which allowed me to finish the programme in 1 n a half years. 3 levels to be completed, 1 level for each semester. And the class for English courses only is about four days a week! Wasn’t it irritating?? Sometimes we had classes at tiring! Still remember myself cursing like this : “I’m taking this course bcoz I wanna be an Accountant, not an English teacher!” poyosss….hahaha..funny.. we never see the silver lining the moment we’re undergoing it. Later when I was already in the main campus only I found that all the English courses provided back then were very useful. It made me familiar with English and being in a place where foreigners are everywhere was not strange no more.

Maybe for certain students would still feel that it’s not necessary to have such a bundle of English books n exercises, but for myself, I needed them. Bcoz I’m definitely non-native and my surroundings since I was small until the secondary were not English oriented. I never scored good grades for the subject in big exams. So having the courses with great lecturers was an opportunity to me and what more I appreciate is, English has become my interest as I found it joyful in learning. Reading and writing, English is preferable. Don't mean its perfect tho. It is not. Speaking? Emm…Yah I’d like too.. but the fluency is still not so convincing~ Lecturers always asked the studs to practice speaking among us but haha…obviously that’s not what happens.

U know ppl, in my bag, there’s a tool which is as important as my other cosmetic stuffs. U know what? This is it :

Dr. Fazley’s BESTA Electronic Dictionary

Haha..Kantoi kan..going
everywhere with diction. =D It’s ok lah... This is what I can do for myself. But sometimes it's forgotten.heh..Bought it in my first year of college and the cost was RM498, if I’m not mistaken. It helped a lot, and still helping ;). Thank you, Abah. It’s a worth investment for your daughter. I love you.

Ah actually, I've a lot more to write when it comes to speaking of English. But seems the post is long enough so guess I wanna stop. Moreover, it’s like a serious topic so..boring~

Last but not least, I'd like to recommend a book which I think it’s so practical and effective for daily use. You can improve your spoken English from time to time.

English Fast & Easy by Marianna Pascal, RM29.90

The approach is simple, by presenting the most useful English phrases for work and everyday life. And it also highlights certain mistakes that ppl commonly make when speaking. By sticking to this book, it will not only help us speak English but speak better English. Still, practice makes perfect!

Remember, it’s never too late to learn or even start learning. Let’s improve ourselves! *SENORITAsmiling*

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Nizam Malek on Saturday, February 20, 2010 said...

It's good to improve and speak english. Good english. And you will find more opportunities ahead. Owh I started speaking english.. =p

SALZvatore on Saturday, February 20, 2010 said...

Yeah.. opportunities! thanks for mentioning boud ehh, we're speaking in english now? ahahh ;D

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